Who We Are

All Trained, LLC is a solutions based company fulfilling three industrial and commercial construction safety training and business services needs by providing:

  • 1. An Exchange marketplace, called Safety Training Exchange (S.T.E), where users and providers of industrial and construction safety training and risk management services can quickly find each other on an online platform.
  • 2. A Full Service Training Network, in person, connecting firms looking for specialized training with individual trainers and companies that provide training.
  • 3. A Safety Facilities Management Company that coordinates site audits and inspections, schedules training, and handles the billing process for firms that need to offer or hire Training and Construction Services but don’t want the staffing and related overhead expenses.

The Safety Training Exchange, owned and operated by All Trained LLC in Atlanta, was founded by Greg Strid and a group of investors with various backgrounds including industrial and commercial construction management, occupational safety training, media, and financial services. Greg was an active member of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Chicago for over 30 years. A consummate connector of buyers and sellers in the commodities markets, he has created an online marketplace experience for buyers (Contractors/Managers) and sellers (Safety Training Providers) of Environmental, Health, and Safety Training in the manufacturing and construction industries. Greg’s philosophy is, “Most people recognize the ethical and economic reasons for having a safer workplace, but finding specialized training, on demand, that fits into an owner, GC, or CM’s ever changing workflow schedule is a struggle for both sides. We should give people what they need, where they need it, when they need it. It increases a trainer’s visibility, and creates a more efficient way for employers to get every worker trained, either online or in-person, do-it-yourself or full service. Your choice.”