Full Service Network

All Trained offers Members of the Safety Training Exchange an alternative to the online platform called Full-Service Training Network for those of you who like to deal in person and would prefer to have All Trained find the Trainers/Service Providers for you. Think of it like this; the S.T.E. is like trading stocks online: quick, inexpensive, and self-directed. Full Service is like calling your financial planner and getting his or her research and advice: the process is comprehensive, fee based, and All Trained does the search for you.

In addition to just connecting companies with safety professionals who audit a jobsite, we connect you with seasoned Inspectors/Trainers. Most third party jobsite audits today result in a list of hazards and remedies, then you’re on your own to solve the problems. We look for auditors who can train on the spot or we find someone who can. If you are an owner, plant manager, or contractor who would like more information, click here.

Providers also benefit from our Full-Service Training Network. As a Member of the Safety Training Exchange you may be contacted by our staff to do specialized training and jobsite audits based on a request by other members using our Full Service Training Network program. Being listed as a competent person trainer/auditor or professional training organization results in greater exposure to potential work and a jump in your top line sales. For more information on Exchange Membership, click here. For information on how to participate in our Full Service Program as a trainer or auditor referral, please email us at gstrid@alltrained.com or call 770-871-8071.