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Safety Training Exchange

Safety Training Exchange S.T.E. is an online venue where Managers and Trainers (construction and industrial) can find each other. Building Contractors and Industrial Plant Managers who need to hire trainers or business services will have greater scheduling flexibility. And Trainers and Service Providers will be exposed to opportunities they never would have known about. Currently Exchange Membership is free. Sending and receiving requests between Exchange Members for construction and industrial training and related services is unlimited to every member.

Here’s some examples of how it works:

Let’s say a construction company’s owner, PM, Superintendent, or Safety Professional (Contractor/Manager) needs Fall Protection training for their employees on their Miami jobsite next Tues. The Contractor/Manager, logs into their jobsite account as a member of the Safety Training Exchange and inputs the request. Instantly, the Exchange searches its membership data base of professional individuals or companies (Safety Training/Service Providers) and emails each of them, who have told the exchange in their profile, that they can perform Fall Protection training in the state of Florida. The Provider clicks yes, no, or maybe to each request. The Exchange sends the response back to the requesting Contractor/Manager, along with each of the Provider’s profile resume and customer reviews. The requesting Contractor/Manager may then disclose their identity by reaching out to the Provider(s) of their choice for scheduling and pricing. The Exchange frees up the Contractor/Manager’s time from searching and calling around for training and services. The Exchange also provides competitive price discovery. And the Exchange gives the Provider visibility, giving them opportunities for jobs they never would have known about.

Let’s say a Plant Manager or Safety Professional at a public utility in Alabama needs Hazmat training for their Employees or Sub Contractors. If the Plant Manager or Sub Contractor for that site is a Member of the Exchange, they can go to and request hazmat training in Alabama. Suppose the training gets scheduled for this coming Wednesday, but on Tues afternoon the workflow schedule is interrupted and the training has to be postponed to Thurs. This happens all the time, and with a shortage of qualified trainers and training schedules tight, that training is probably not going to happen till the following week, at the earliest. Let’s say the following Monday is the beginning of a scheduled plant shutdown, so the training has to be this Thurs or Fri. The Manager or Sub Contractor can go back to the Exchange Tuesday afternoon with another request for Hazmat training in Alabama with a special comment “within 48 hours”, and find an available competent person trainer he never knew about, who can be there to meet his or her tight schedule.

When you use the Exchange over time, your employee training, which can be stored on the Exchange’s data base, will become a unique record keeping tool for Management to access every employee’s training certification on every jobsite. No more searching emails and folders for sign in sheets. From the Exchange database, with one click, you’ll have access to all your trained employees; what, where, and when they were trained, by whom, and when their certs expire. (Answers to the first questions an OSHA inspector asks when they show up at your jobsite.)

Anyone can visit the exchange for a free trial. Currently, Membership is a simple sign up. Each Exchange Members has a Profile Page. Memberships are issued per jobsite for Contractors/Managers and per training category and US State they can train in, for the Training Providers.

If you provide or need a particular type of training not yet listed on the S.T.E., please contact All Trained, LLC at or 770-871-8071.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity.