Outsource The Whole Process

Facilities Management Company takes the task of safety training one step beyond the connectivity functionality of the Safety Training Exchange and the Full Service Network. Our F.M.C. offers a comprehensive program for managing your safety training agenda, through our network of qualified training partners. We work with Owners, Contractors, and Subs to identify your safety training needs, as well as how and where to find it. We coordinate training to accommodate your workflow schedule. We shop the cost of training for you and handle the certifications, bookkeeping, and reporting. You have confidential access to our database, a unique record keeping tool for you to access the training records of all your workers on all your projects. No more searching emails and folders for sign in sheets. With one click, you’ll have access to all your trained employees; what, where, and when they were trained, by whom, and when their certs expire. These records will be valuable for verification as well as a human resources tool for employee placement on future jobs. Our training partners re-visit jobsites, post-training, in case some employees didn’t get the necessary training.

Because we are an independent management company, not a training company, not a rental company, and not a contractor; we partner with those individuals and companies who can deliver the expert training, instead of competing with them. The larger the pool of potential competent trainers, the more efficient the process is for everyone.

For more information on outsourcing your safety training, please reach out to us at gstrid@alltrained.com or call us at 770-871-8071.